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1:43 AMG-Mercedes C-Coupe DTM ″J.Green, No.5″

1:43 AMG-Mercedes C-Coupe DTM ″J.Green, No.5″

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Preis in e-shop mit MwSt.: 17,89 €
Preis im Laden: 18,83 €
Hersteller: Carrera
Warenkode: 13061274


Get behind the Mercedes insignia and enjoy the 500 bhp of the AMG Mercedes C-Coupé DTM. The C-Class won 84 out of 156 races, making it the most successful car in the history of DTM. With this car you're guaranteed your next victory - and the ultimate in unlimited thrills!  The 1:43 scale Carrera GO!!! AMG Mercedes C-Coupé DTM No.5 slotcar wins new fans everywhere with top quality authentic details. The perfect introduction to the Carrera racing world for children of 6 years and up.

Dotaz na produkt: 1:43 AMG-Mercedes C-Coupe DTM ″J.Green, No.5″

Warenkode: 13061274

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